The Nosy Recruiter

by EdgeLink on January 6, 2011 in IT Recruiters, Uncategorized

by Gina Storey, Senior Technical Recruiter – Contract Services

In this dynamic industry, recruiters face many challenges–many due to the complexity of us humans. I have met with some incredibly creative and remarkable people that have been gracious with their time and job search information.  At the same time, I have also encountered many candidates who carry a negative bias about recruiters, which causes them to keep a lot of important and critical details under wraps. 

My job as a recruiter is two-fold;  one main responsibility is to find suitable positions for my applicants, another is to deliver strong, qualified candidates to my client.  When I present a candidate to a client, I communicate a summary of their skills and career goals along with an overview of their current job search activity.  One of my biggest challenges is to get candidates to understand the benefits of sharing information with me regarding their job search; this includes other interviews they have had and other companies/opportunities they have pursued.  To them, I may appear nosy, but as their advocate and their only voice to the client, I must have all current and accurate information in order to go to bat for them and guide the hiring process.  My best intentions are with my candidates and I have no interest in jeopardizing their other job prospects (on the contrary!), I am simply aiming to be a credible advocate for them. If there are ever any “surprises” that pop up in process that I knew nothing about, not only is my credibility with my client compromised, the candidates credibility is also tarnished.  So, if you get annoyed with me for asking a lot of questions about other opportunities you have in the pipeline, just remember that I am doing my best to help you gain a fabulous job.  And, if you happen to get that fabulous job through another avenue, I will be the first to congratulate you on a job well done!