Should Cover Letters Be Short? Short Answer: Yes!

by EdgeLink on March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
I just received a two-page cover letter written in a very small font. It is 472 words long; made up of 6,613 characters, 17 paragraphs and 82 lines. You get the idea… It was too long!


Dear Job Seeker,

I can understand how you might be eager to share with me the extent of your vast and valuable experience, but for a minute, before you compose your introduction letter, think of the person tasked with reviewing your resume; I am busy, swamped with more than just cover letters and resumes to read. I want it simple, to the point, concise.

If you aim to create an application to that gets attention instead of one that gets immediately deleted or becomes the object of procrastination (until it sinks to the bottom of a hiring manager’s inbox), then please, KISS (Keep It Short, Silly.) Think of the most compelling reasons why you think you would be an ideal match for an employers need. Draw parallels between the job description and your relevant skills and achievements. Make it brief and compelling. When in doubt, try bullet points!

Please save the rest for an interview setting. If you truly have the chops, your previous titles, qualifications and accomplishments will shine through on your resume (and of course, remember to keep that relevant and concise too!

Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.


A Concerned and Exasperated Resume Reviewer at EdgeLink