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Opportunity Cost, What is it to you?

More often than not, we hear candidates say they are willing to take less money, drive further, or utilize older skills for a “good opportunity.” So this begs the question; “what equals a good opportunity anyway?” What are you willing to give up for your next position? Of course this can vary greatly depending on personal situations, family, finances, etc., but we’re always interested to hear what really qualifies as a good opportunity. How much does technology really play a part in the job you take? Does it matter how your team interacts with one another? Is it the chance to work for a start-up or an industry monster? Or is it all about the cash in your pocket? What is it to you?

3 thoughts on “Opportunity Cost, What is it to you?

  1. Equity.

    Anyone that takes a position in a startup for lower pay, or without added responsibility is a fool, unless that person receives serious equity.

  2. In the Bay Area there are still many software engineers working on pre-.NET technologies. They come to the Bay.NET user group hoping that they can catch up with .NET but they know that they need a .NET development job for that. And they are getting more and more frustrated with employers asking them to maintain FoxPro, VB6, or old ASP applications.
    For them a job offering experience in .NET would be an opportunity, no matter the cost.

  3. Unfortunately it is the money – Many hope to get the right job/opportunity and learn something new or get better at what they do, but once that is secured, the focus is on moving on to find the job that pays for the skills they have.

    It is the money.

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