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Job Tips Article by EdgeLink’s Jeff Miller

Check out Jeff’s article in the Business Journal:

This article was meant to educate and inspire those who are a little unsure about what to expect when searching for that next great position. Job hunting can be an enjoyable experience, just remember to get your story together, and get the word out there! Happy job hunting everyone!

Jeff Miller

2 thoughts on “Job Tips Article by EdgeLink’s Jeff Miller

  1. In your article, you write: “Do you know what you’re looking for? Money versus job satisfaction; management versus individual contributor; long hours versus short hours . . .”

    When I am in an interview situation, how should I talk about those kinds of personal goals? I’m more comfortable talking about how I can help the company.

  2. When you’re in a job interview it’s human nature to want to “tell” the interviewer about all of the amazing things you bring to the table. Keep in mind, most companies nowadays are very conscious about increasing employee satisfaction, lowering turnover, and any other things that will improve their working environment. And although it’s important to clearly explain your strengths and knowledge, it’s equally as important to descibe all of the key elements that are important to you. Now don’t go overboard and start telling them you need flex hours, telecommuting, free lunches, etc. on your first interview, but when the opportunity presents itself you should feel confident enough in your abilities to be able to explain other intangible things that are important to YOU!

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