EdgeLink Recruiters James Hatch and Marty Smith Honored as Great Recruiters Q1 2023 Top Rated Recruiter Award Winners

by Mike Miadich on May 3, 2023 in Awards, Candidate Treatment, Client Relationship, IT Recruiters, Uncategorized

EdgeLink, A Talent Group Company, an award-winning IT staffing firm, is proud to announce the outstanding achievements of its recruiters James Hatch and Marty Smith. These two outstanding recruiters have been honored with the Great Recruiters Q1 Top Rated Recruiter award, an extraordinary achievement that positions them among the top 1% of recruiters on the Great Recruiters platform.


To receive this prestigious recognition, recruiters must maintain a 4.5-star rating or higher and receive a minimum of 26 reviews, averaging at least two reviews per week for the entire quarter. With only 50 recruiters nationwide qualifying, this award is highly competitive and a true testament to the exceptional skills and dedication of James and Marty.


James Hatch, one of the honorees, has consistently received glowing reviews from both clients and candidates who have had the pleasure of working with him. One candidate stated, “He was knowledgeable about my field of expertise. He asked the right questions and quickly matched me up with a potential prospect. James’ expertise and professionalism were instrumental in landing me a great job. I highly recommend him to anyone in the industry.” Another candidate mentioned, “James is one of the few recruiters who truly knows his field. I was really impressed with his professionalism. If you’re looking for an amazing recruiter, he is the one for the job.” James’ exceptional skills and dedication to his work have made him one of the top-tier recruiters in the industry, and EdgeLink is proud to have him on their team.


Marty Smith, who also received the Great Recruiters Q1 Top Rated Recruiter award, has been praised by candidates for his outstanding skills and dedication. One candidate wrote, “Prompt, punctual, thorough. The role was put on hold, and Marty followed up and provided a detailed update – something that I really appreciated, and wish would happen more often in the industry.” Another candidate mentioned, “Marty was a very genuine honest professional who provided me with great advice, feedback, as well as took the time to share it on personal professional experiences with me.” These 5-star reviews affirm Marty’s exceptional skills and dedication as a recruiter, making him an invaluable member of the EdgeLink team.


These awards serve as a testament to EdgeLink’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service to its clients and candidates. The company is proud to have such outstanding recruiters on its team and congratulates James Hatch and Marty Smith on their remarkable achievements. Their dedication to excellence and exceptional expertise make them top-tier recruiters in the industry, and EdgeLink looks forward to their continued success.