At the end of the day…

by EdgeLink on November 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

TYPICALLY candidates don’t make job changes because of the all-mighty dollar. More often, their decision is based on fundamental values such as the need to feel wanted, the amount of career growth, and how their work makes them feel “outside of work”. Are you personally satisfied with what you do? Do you go home with a sense of accomplishment and excitement to attack the days ahead? We all have personal motivating factors. Only YOU know the true answers to what motivates you and at the end of the day…if you’re not inspired to obtain your goals in your current position (due to the above factors) then most likely you’ll be calling us. Let’s not confuse this with the “grass is always greener” complex either. It is very important for everyone to feel a sense of accomplishment and if you’re not, perhaps you’re not in the right role.