5 Networking Opportunities That Can Accelerate Your Denver Tech Career

by Kashie Suiter on September 25, 2018 in Candidate Networking, EdgeLink Colorado, Uncategorized

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Maybe you aim to become an expert in your field, broaden your current skillset, or find a new position. Regardless of your career path, networking is vital to your success in the tech industry and connecting with other IT professionals can open doors to unique opportunities. As a matter of fact, in today’s market, 85% of all positions are filled as a result of successful networking. Fortunately, as Denver has grown, so has its rich tech community. There are thousands of local IT professionals interested in learning, developing their skills, and meeting new people. Let’s take a look at 5 networking opportunities that can accelerate your Denver tech career.

Denver Java Users Group

Since 1995, the Denver Java Users Group (DenverJUG) has educated local Java users, promoted the use of Java, and provided a venue for discussion between like-minded Java pros. Their free monthly meetings bring together leaders and specialists in the local Java community. Each of their public meet-ups is hosted by a different experienced developer from the Denver area. Speakers share presentations based on their expertise, often touching on trending topics in the Java world. The meetings are beneficial for professionals with any level of Java experience, providing opportunities to network, sharpen Java skills, and talk best practices with your peers.

Denver UX

Denver UX is a community for digital designers, developers, and lovers of UX. The group’s primary goal is to enrich each other’s careers and lives by building relationships and sharing knowledge. Their events offer a variety of opportunities, ranging from educational speakers to social hours that primarily focus on networking. They also host a slack channel for Denver UXers to hold discussions, ask questions, or seek support.

React Denver

React Denver is a gathering of technologists that work with Facebook’s ReactJS library as well as the technologies and architectures surrounding it. Each month, the group meets for two hours to share their successes and failures working with React and the backing stack. The meetups are typically for socializing, but occasionally the events will have specific topics or themes to lead conversation. React Denver was just founded this year and is working on expanding their reach. They encourage professionals of all experience levels to attend their events and they’re currently in the process of developing an educational newsletter for their members.

Women Who Code – Boulder/Denver

Women Who Code is an organization that spans nationwide with the mission of inspiring women to excel in their technical careers. Their main goal is to create an industry where women are proportionally represented across the board. The Boulder/Denver chapter includes more than 3,000 members and has hosted nearly 400 events since they were launched in 2012. With events including study groups, workshops, and panel discussions, joining Women Who Code is an easy way for women in the tech industry to connect with other female IT professionals and boost their career.

Built In Colorado

Built In Colorado is a hub for startups and tech across the state to find jobs and follow the latest tech news, on both a micro and macro scale. While not specific to just Denver, over 80,000 Coloradan techies have joined the Built In Colorado community and many of their events are held in the Denver area. Their monthly meetups provide opportunities for technologists to meet other industry leaders and innovators. The Built In Colorado website also compiles and shares information about a variety of tech events being held locally, serving as a valuable resource for your future networking.

Taking Your Denver Tech Career to New Heights

The benefits of networking extend beyond just discovering your next job. By surrounding yourself with intelligent members of the Denver tech community, you’ll be gaining access to a wealth of IT knowledge and support. As one of the best places for tech jobs, Denver is bursting with opportunities to grow your network and further your IT career. Take advantage of all of the unique events and individuals that the Denver tech industry has to offer.

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