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Links to Success: A Web Series to Reboot Your Career


Ready to advance your tech career and land a new IT job? Join the tech staffing experts at EdgeLink for our 5-part web series to build the tools you need to set yourself apart from the competition. The series will review each step of the job search process and what you need to know. Topics include:

  • Tips for creating an elite resume
  • Searching for and finding the right job
  • Strategies for successful networking
  • Proper interview etiquette and execution
  • How to negotiate job compensation

Episode 1: Resume Wars


Looking for a new IT job in a workplace far, far away? EdgeLink’s Josh Brecheisen reviews resume best practices and how to create an elite IT resume that will set you apart from other applicants.

Episode 2: Job Search: Sniper vs. Shotgun Approach


Time to go searching for a new job? Join the tech staffing experts at EdgeLink as we review techniques to uncover open positions and job opportunities, how to target different industries and start down a new career path, and creating a system you can follow to job search success!

Episode 3: Networking Without Getting Lost in the Shuffle


Working on a career reboot and in need of networking help? EdgeLink’s Head of People and Experience, Ophelia Yan, shares her networking best practices and how you can set yourself apart from other tech talent. Don’t get lost in the crowd like Waldo! Discover the networking tips you need to know and learn how to use your network to find great opportunities.

Episode 4: Nailing the Tech Interview


Preparing for an important interview? Join Amy Miller, a long time Tech Recruiter who has worked with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft as she breaks down the interview process. From deciding if you should accept an interview invitation to how to navigate the post-interview waiting game, Amy will walk you through common processes at major tech companies and specific actions you can take to ensure your best chance of interview success.

Episode 5: Godfather Negotiations – Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse


You’re almost there! The final webinar in our Links to Success series features several special speakers discussing the art of negotiation and how to land your ideal tech job. We’ll also review the topics we’ve covered throughout the series and send you off ready for success!

Ready to Find Your Perfect Tech Job?

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