Leveraging Cloud Native Technologies with Google’s Kelsey Hightower

by EdgeLink on October 28, 2019 in EdgeLink Happenings, IT Insights, Tech News

As a proud member of Portland’s growing tech scene, EdgeLink enjoys bringing together like-minded area professionals to discuss emerging technologies and their capabilities. On October 15th, EdgeLink was pleased to host a special event for cloud technology professionals featuring Kelsey Hightower, a Principal Developer Advocate at Google working with the Google Cloud Platform. Held at EdgeLink’s downtown Portland headquarters, Mr. Hightower spoke to more than 50 attendees about cloud native technologies and how companies can utilize these platforms to save time and improve their bottom line.

Advice from a Cloud Technology Expert

In his role at Google, Mr. Hightower has helped create and improve many of the company’s cloud products including Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, and Apigee’s API Gateway. He also works with executives and developers across the global fortune 1000 to help businesses understand and leverage Google’s technologies and products for their business.

In addition to his work with Google, Mr. Hightower is an active open source contributor and currently maintains multiple projects aiding software developers in building and shipping cloud native applications.  A successful author and regular keynote speaker able to demystify complex topics, Mr. Hightower is known as a mentor and advisor helping founders turn their technical ideas into reality.

The Business Case for Cloud Native Technologies

Speaking at EdgeLink, Mr. Hightower focused on technologies that not only save time during development, but also have a significant impact on the bottom line. One of these technologies was Kubernetes, the popular open-source container-orchestration system used to automate application deployment, scaling and management. As part of his presentation, Mr. Hightower went through the step-by-step process of building a Kubernetes deployment. For more details on this process, check out his presentation and demo of Kubernetes during a keynote at KubeCon in 2017.

In addition to Kubernetes, Mr. Hightower reviewed the case for building a containerized initiative to save time, money and memory, as well as the importance of enforcing policies to ensure security, application communication, storage and workflow.

“Kelsey is a very engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker,” said EdgeLink founder and Contract Services VP Mike Miadich. “He showed our audience how it’s tactically possible to use technology to save millions, and his work motivates people to change the way they develop applications. We are grateful he took the time to share his knowledge with EdgeLink and the Portland cloud technology community.”

To learn more about Kelsey Hightower and his work with Google Cloud Platform, you can follow him on GitHub and Twitter.

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