Our Team

Martin Smith

Technical Recruiter


Martin was born and raised outside of Flint, Michigan. He attended Western Michigan University where he earned a degree in business administration with a minor in economics. Martin has focused his career on relationship building and has been in tech staffing for over a year.


Martin lived in Chicago for many years, and he now resides in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife, Annette, have been together for eleven fantastic years, and they are coming up on three years of marriage. They have a son, Maverick, who is a year and half old.

“Focus on the things you can control and let the chips fall where they may.”

Get the Edge on Martin

Favorite music:

‘90s-‘00s Alternative, Rock, Rap, Melodic Hardcore, Emo, and Punk.

Favorite hobbies:

Detroit sports— watching them and complaining about them. I enjoy playing hockey and golf, as well as playing music on the guitar and drums.

Dream vacation destination:

Scotland or Costa Rica