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Kristy Felix

Senior Technical Recruiter


Kristy is passionate about partnering with top technical talent and matching candidates with desirable next steps in their careers. With 12 years of experience in business development and technical sales for two Silicon Valley-based technical startups, Kristy understands how various technologies interact with the business and how to find those key individuals to enhance an organization.


With a professional career spanning from Salt Lake City to Silicon Valley, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City, during which she partnered with several notable organizations, Kristy is excited to return to her home state of Utah.


A graduate of the University of Utah, Kristy holds a degree in Economics.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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Getting the Edge on Kristy

First job:

Pizza was my first profession. From making the dough, adding the right amount of toppings to each pie, and delivering it to the front door.

Favorite hobbies:

When not connecting with others, I enjoy traveling the globe, weekly yoga sessions and watching College football and the NFL September through February. I’m an active armchair quarterback!

Most desired vacation destination:

Hoping to see Ireland, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland in 2022.