Lindsay Rector

Head of People & Experience


Lindsay is the Head of People and Experience at EdgeLink. After graduating from the University of Nebraska (Go Huskers!) in 2004, she moved to Oregon with her husband to explore the great Pacific Northwest. The pair bought a fixer-upper in West Linn that they’ve spent the past year and a half bringing back to life. They have two great kids: Paetyn, named after Walter Payton, who is 12 years old; and Maddux, named after Greg Maddux, who is 10. The family also has two dogs, a German Shepard named GusGus and a Dalmation named McGwire after Mark McGwire.

Lindsay spends her free time working on her home, playing tennis, and attending sporting events. In 2018 alone, she made it to 18 events, including Blazers, Winterhawks, Seahawks, and Mariners games, as well as the U.S. Open. Her husband of 14 years, Jeremiah, is a manager at Big Al’s in Beaverton and has worked there since they opened in 2010.

Getting the Edge on Lindsay

Favorite quote:
“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal or an adventure.”

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
Nap. I’m a Russian roulette napper – I don’t set an alarm. It could be a 15 minute nap or it could be 6 hours. You never know!

Embarrassing story about yourself:
I was in the parking lot of my high school and, as my crush walked by, he opened the car door for me. I tried getting out, but I forgot that my seat belt was still on! I ended up falling face-first out of the car right in front of him. He didn’t end up being my boyfriend.

Favorite food:
Fried zucchini! Classic Rector dish.

Favorite music:
Broadway. I’m a huge Broadway nut.

What are your 3 favorite movies?:
Gladiator, Devil Wears Prada, and Deadpool.

If you could time travel, where would you go?:
To the Roaring Twenties and I would be a flapper!