Liam Stott

Account Manager, Contract Services


Liam is an Account Manager at Edgelink. He has been working in business acquisitions for nearly three years. Liam comes from a logistics background offering business solutions to the fast-paced and complex logistics and trucking fields. He has worked with a wide range of manufacturers, airlines, and grocery chains while working in the field and providing unique solutions for each. Liam is a motivated learner who believes strongly in the phrase “you learn something new every day.”

He has been in Portland for two and a half years and originally hails from Carrboro, North Carolina, a small southern town. He was a former pole vaulter for the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and earned a degree in economics.

Getting the Edge on Liam

First job:
Door-to-door canvassing for Environment America. In the North Carolina summer, I might as well have been swimming.

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
Be active, and do anything that gets me moving.

Oots the Cat

Favorite hobbies:
Disc golf!

Who inspires you:
My mother. Her dedication to hard work and doing the right thing is unyielding.

Most desired vacation destination:

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been:
Yosemite National Park. A tear may have come to my eye the first time there.