Karlie Creps

Account Manager, Contract Services

Email: Karlie.Kroessin@edgelink.com

Karlie is an Account Manager at Edgelink. She’s been working in technical support for 2 years now, after getting her Psychology degree from Portland State University and transitioning from a career as a mental health professional. Karlie has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 organizations, ranging from major airlines to oil and gas companies, supporting them in a customer satisfaction role. She thoroughly enjoys her career because it allows her to build lasting relationships with clients, as well as provide value to the people and companies she works with. Karlie moved to Portland 7 years ago from a small farm town in Oregon, where she grew up training her two horses and playing basketball. She loves Portland and is grateful to live in a city where the outdoors is just a short skip away.

Getting the Edge on Karlie

Favorite Hobbies:
Painting, Camping, Hiking, Exercising, Fishing, Wakeboarding… Being outside!

Favorite Color:
Olive Green and Burgundy… Just because! 😉

Most Desired Vacation Destination:
Trinity Lake in Trinity County, California

Houseplants… But one day I’ll have a Basset Hound!

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
I love challenging myself with my fitness goals. As Arnold would say, a healthy physique shows patience, work ethic, and passion.