Jennifer Strickland

Technical Recruiter


Getting the Edge on Jennifer

First job:

I loved my first job. I was a lifeguard at the city pool in the sweet, little town of Prattville, AL. I had never felt so important in my life, and I loved it. I actually remained a lifeguard for about 8 years and saved over 50 people from drowning. It was a feel-good job and the tan was a nice bonus.

Favorite quote:
“No one can make you happy but you.” – The Best Mom in the World (Chrystal Strickland)

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
I’m a swing dancer! I’ll put on a flowy skirt and curl my hair and head out to a club to listen to swingy jazz music. We usually dance all night and people mingle around and switch partners. It’s just fun. It’s also a sight to behold, like stepping back in time to the roaring 20s (with a little less bootleg alcohol).

Who inspires you?  
My mom inspires me. She’s a chemical engineer for the state (of Alabama), she’s an amazing cook, she sews full outfits and dresses, she collects tools and has a passion for fixing things. She’s good at everything she tries and does it with grace. Not only did she make all of my clothes when I was a little girl, but she also made clothes for my dolls that matched mine, and it was a highlight of my life. She’s an amazing woman and I hope to live to be even a fraction of her level of amazing.

Favorite hobbies:
I mentioned Swing Dancing earlier, but I don’t tell most people that… I’m a karaoke star. I even have a silly stage name. I’ve been told that I look like the 90s sitcom star Blossom, so my stage name is Blossom. People sometimes assume it’s from Power Puff Girls and I’ll accept that too.

Something that doesn’t happen to everyone:
When I was younger, right out of college, I was with a nanny agency in Austin, TX and was on their email list for babysitting jobs as well. I answered an ad asking for someone that had experience with autistic children. Later that day, I get a call from someone who says he’s Steve Earle’s agent. I’m thinking “yeah, right”, but it turned out that it was for Steve Earle. I spent an entire weekend during South By South West (a music event in Austin) with one of the performers’ sons. He also got me a backstage pass for the entire event, and I got to hang out at the fancy W hotel. I also had to drive them both to the cowboy boot store. That was terrifying.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
I was fortunate enough to go on an extended vacation recently for about 4 months and, while I was gone, I visited Montenegro. I didn’t even know it was a country until I was next door to it. I don’t think there is a word in the English language to describe the color of that water, so do yourself a favor and google Lake Skadar and Kotor. You won’t regret it. Also, you’re welcome.

If you could time travel, where would you go?
I would take a trip back to the roaring 20s and swing dance in some of the best music halls and listen to jazz.