Andres Gerardo

Technical Recruiter - Direct Hire Service


Andres Gerardo is a Technical Recruiter. He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Given his experiences, he learned that the best way to succeed was to be comfortable being uncomfortable. With that mentality, he decided to move to Omaha and attend Creighton University, where he met his soon-to-be wife, Maureen. Together, they decided after graduating to try something different and move to Denver. In his spare time, Andres loves to watch sports, particularly Detroit sports teams, and especially the Detroit Lions. He also loves to spend time at the park with Maureen and their dog, Oliver.

Getting the Edge on Andres

Oliver, Miniature Schnauzer

Favorite quote:
“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”-Winston Churchill

Favorite music:
Eminem, Jack Johnson, George Strait, Adele, Darius Rucker

Most desired vacation destination:
Right now, a bungalow in Bora Bora would be ideal. It usually changes, but that is a consistent front-runner.

Who inspires you:
Everyone. We all have different stories, and understanding those stories gives me a different appreciation for life.

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