Aaron Mills

Executive Recruiter, Direct Hire

Email: aaron@edgelink.com

Aaron Mills is an Executive Recruiter on the Direct Hire team for EdgeLink. He brings 20 years of technology recruiting experience. Aaron started the EdgeLink Denver office in 2010 with the help and support from Jeff and Mike. They’ve built an amazing Colorado office together!

Throughout his career, he’s been a President’s Club Winner 11 times; EdgeLink MVP; and he’s hired, trained ,and developed 15 President’s Club Winners as well as 3 Managers.

Aaron also serves the community with his work on the Advisory Board for Denver Recruiters: https://www.denverrecruiters.com/advisory-board

He’s “living the dream!” working for a great company in the fast paced technology industry. Aaron and his wife, Lisa, have been married for 29 years. They have 3 amazing kids who are married and doing great. Aaron and Lisa love their life on the ranch with their horses and cattle. They love traveling, camping, and backpacking together. Aaron loves quality time with his family, but he’s also a former motocross racer that loves thrills and adventure. He loves skiing, backpacking, fly fishing, and horse packing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Getting the Edge on Aaron

Something most people don’t know about me:
I started racing motocross as a young adult and it took me two knee surgeries, one broken leg and two broken collar bones before I won my first 1st place trophy.

Worst job:
I would sit in the PineView Marina parking booth charging boaters for parking. I was off of work by 2:00 p.m., so I spent many a summer afternoon cruising the beaches on big boats and working on my tan. What makes this qualify as my worst job? In my shorts, sandals, and big rubber gloves I had to clean the outhouses every week. Yuck…

First job:
I started working at Rogers Eggs when I was 12 years old, every day after school and full time in the summer. My friends didn’t mind because I had four dirt bikes by the time I was 16.

Favorite quote:
“Just do it.”

Favorite thing to do outside of work:
Work on the ranch, skiing, and hiking with my wife.

Horse, cows, dog, and cat.

Embarrassing story about yourself:
I had just signed up one of my first clients and as we were taking them to lunch, I jumped into one of those big circle doors with the Managing Partner of Grant Thornton and had to shuffle-walk through it with him.

Who inspires you:
The explorers that settled our country inspire me. My wife inspires me. My kids inspire me. Jeff and Mike inspire me.

Favorite food:
Steak and beans!

Favorite hobbies:
Taking my wife anywhere. Sports (especially the NBA finals) and all types of outdoor recreation; horse packing into the mountains, camping, fly fishing, and cheering for my kids.

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