What’s More Important: Technical Skills or Communication Skills?

technical skills or communication skillsFinding the balance between being a technical guru and how to effectively communicate with peers.

A recruiter can usually make the distinction between the more technical candidate and the one who posses more advanced and polished oral communication skills. It’s a rare find when a candidate presents with a good combination of both, so recruiting professionals (when they have the right foundation) learn to determine what’s more important to the client– the technical skills or communication skills? The answer is, of course, it depends.

The spectrum of open IT positions is abundant with variable requisites that necessitate both skills equally. The hard-core technical engineer is an extremely valuable asset that is difficult to substitute. There is no amount of polished communication skill that can be replaced for the high-end expertise this type of individual brings to the table. Only through diligent education and extensive experience can the technical guru be born, and this individual continues to be one of the most sought-after candidates in today’s competitive market. Continue reading