4 Signs You've Found the Right IT Recruiter

While the rest of the economy is just starting to come back from high unemployment rates, the IT industry continues to thrive.  According to Dice, the unemployment rate in the technology industry is 3.3%, allowing IT professionals to hold a lot of leverage in the job market.  It’s not uncommon for an IT candidate to receive multiple calls and LinkedIn messages each week from recruiters pitching new opportunities.

Amidst the bombardment of calls and emails, choosing the right recruiter and recruiting company to partner with can be overwhelming.  What factors should you consider to ensure you’re working with a good recruiter and making the best choice for your career?

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Technical Recruiter means "Technical" Recruiter

Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes. Different height, weight, hair color, number of teeth, and shoe size. They also come ready-made with different adjectives to support their naming convention. We give them a variety of titles such as “Executive” Recruiter, “Healthcare” Recruiter, “Contract” Recruiter, “Corporate” Recruiter, and of course Technical Recruiter. So, why do we give out these precious designations and why do our business cards label us as such? Well, outside of the obvious reasons, it’s probably because the title is a clear identifier of a skill or competency. And, it’s important that the skill is validated through the job description and how the recruiter is able to navigate the waters of the specific area of focus. Continue reading

Do you have a trusted relationship with a local IT recruiter?

A trusted relationship between an IT recruiter and a candidate is coveted in our business from both perspectives. You don’t have to be looking for a new job to have a relationship with a recruiter. Any relationship requires effort to maintain, but being connected with a good recruiter definitely has its rewards…

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