A Wrap on Denver Startup Week 2015

by EdgeLink on October 9, 2015 in EdgeLink Denver, Start-up Hiring Strategy

John Kingdeski Q&A with Panel

Denver Startup Week 2015 is the 4th year of the event and it’s picking up incredible momentum. Over 10,000 people attended sessions all over the city, filling up the 235 scheduled events with barely an empty seat to be found. Can you believe that? Denver Startup Week is becoming massive and is showing the rest of the country that our Denver startup community is a serious contender.

Thanks goes out to the Colorado Technology Association and people like Erik Mitisek and Tami Door. Through their hard work, the community really comes together to make this such a great week of events.

EdgeLink Panel End

Year after year, EdgeLink proudly sponsors events at the Denver Startup Week because we see the value in helping people in the IT community. This year, I contributed to a panel alongside Rishi Malik of Parkifi, Josh Oakhurst of Skookum, and Samantha Schreiner of iTriage. It is always fun talking about hiring with other experts as I truly love this stuff and could talk about it all day. Local comedian Travis Militzer acted as our moderator and added extra life to the event.

Over 125 people attended our talk, the largest crowd we’ve ever had for our “Hiring Strategies for Your Start-Up” panels. In our session, we laid out the fundamentals of hiring and explained how to effectively do it for people who are fairly new to the process. Some takeaways:

  • Don’t ignore your own personal network. Tell everyone you know and meet that you’re hiring to get the word out.
  • Convey why someone should work for you. It’s more than perks like team Happy Hour and ping pong tables. It’s the values, growth potential, and connection within the team.

EdgeLink Team Close Up

There were more topics in our presentation and our very active audience helped by giving us lots of questions. When we asked who planned on hiring this year, it was so cool to see 125+ hands shoot into the air.

Afterwards, food and drinks were supplied by SupperBell and Platt Park Brewing Co. (if you haven’t tried either, do it today), and I spoke with people for 25 minutes afterward. Denver Startup Week is always one of the highlights of the year for me. Even though we just wrapped up I am already thinking about what next year could bring.

If you were unable to attend the panel and have interest in chatting about hiring please reach out. As I mentioned, I love this stuff and could talk about it all day.