The Highest Paying IT Jobs in Portland

by EdgeLink on March 21, 2017 in Job Market

The Highest Paying IT Jobs in PortlandIt’s no secret that the demand for tech workers has exploded across the country. In Oregon, the tech industry has an output of over $25 billion and employment in the sector is approaching the industry high point set in 2000 at the height of the tech bubble. This strong output and healthy demand has steadily increased salaries in the state, particularly in Portland. It ranks 4th on the list of American cities that gained the most workers over a 12 month period, proof of a robust job outlook in the region.

With workers flocking to the area to take advantage of tremendous tech opportunities and rising salaries, there are certain roles that stand out as some of the highest paying IT jobs in Portland.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

With an average salary of $145,800, the Computer and Information Research Scientist role tops the list. There are tremendous amounts of data flooding into any type of organization as the digital revolution continues to change the business world. Demand is strongest for roles that can take raw data and create algorithms that turn it into useful information for an organization, and this role fits the bill. Expected to grow 19% through 2020, there are no signs for demand slowing down.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

The rising importance of data has fueled the need for several roles, including those who can take responsibility for and manage computer systems for a company. Information Systems Managers make $126,850 in Portland as they lead the planning, directing, and coordinating of vital computer operations.

Network Architect

Close behind the above discipline is the Computer Network Architect role, bringing in a mean salary of $122,080. The ability to design and implement computer and information networks makes this an essential IT role for any organization. Demand is especially strong for Network Architects versed in implementing security measures against the very latest forms of cyberattacks as privacy becomes an increasing concern in the digital realm.

Software Developer

Enterprises and Consumers alike are seeking greater customization out of their software products, driving organizations to produce a smorgasbord of options for potential buyers. That’s why Systems Software Developers make the list with mean compensation in Portland at $103,160. Closely related, Applications Software Developers earn $101,930 and have been growing in number. The demand for Software Developers will continue to be strong, with an expected growth of 17% through 2024.

Information Security Analyst

Once again, the value of having comprehensible data has driven demand for Information Security Analysts. Dedicated to the protection of computer networks and the safeguarding of critical business data, the role can be the single biggest factor in preventing a cyberattack from devastating a business. Compensated at $97,890, organizations are willing to pay well to achieve the peace of mind that comes with a safe computer environment.

Database Administrators

Responsible for managing databases, this role is often on the front lines, solving issues that arise and interacting with end users to deliver necessary capabilities. Database Administrators typically earn $85,749 in the area, and are an essential role to the end performance of a company’s digital operations.

Software Engineer

Tech talent in Portland consists of 39% Software Engineers, and yet the market is still not saturated for this role. In fact, the sheer numbers of Software Engineers shows how much these skilled workers are needed in every company. Average entry-level pay is $73,339, indicating that even those starting out in the field can expect excellent compensation.

Finding the Highest Paying IT Jobs in Portland

With salaries rising and a vital need for IT talent in the area, job seekers have a strong employment outlook both now and in the foreseeable future. However, being heavily desired by many employers also means a tech worker often has to navigate through the vast array of subpar opportunities thrown at them. Partnering with an award-winning staffing agency alleviates this, quickly matching candidates to the right role for them and helping to secure one of Portland’s highest paying IT jobs.

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