What Denver IT Professionals Are Looking for in Their Next Employer

by Will Kennedy on January 8, 2019 in IT Insights, IT Recruiters, IT Staffing, Job Market

In recent years, Denver has become a tech hub, attracting professionals and businesses from across the nation. Even still, finding IT talent in the region poses a major challenge. The growing metro area boasts a low unemployment rate of just 2.6%, accompanied by growing skills gaps. Attracting top talent now requires more than just a compelling compensation package. In order to recruit quality tech professionals, your business must stay up to date on what candidates are really looking for in a potential employer.

Flexible Work Opportunities

In a talent landscape where employers are always trying to impress candidates with the next best thing, it’s clear that the strict nine-to-five work schedule is outdated, and candidates aren’t afraid to dismiss employers who still abide by that timetable. As flexible work opportunities become more prevalent in the workplace, employees are increasingly unwilling to settle for a schedule that doesn’t support their lifestyle. In fact, a whopping 84% of working parents stated that work flexibility is their number one most important factor when considering a job. And for good reason.

Adopting flexible scheduling can reduce stress, boost levels of job satisfaction, encourage productivity, and help employees maintain healthier habits. Employees provided with flexible work options, such as telecommuting, flexible scheduling, and unlimited PTO, are more likely to excel in their roles than their nine-to-five counterparts. With happier employees contributing to a productive, successful organization, employers ultimately benefit from flexible work environments just as much as their employees do.

Strong Company Values

Your company should have strongly defined values that guide your operations.  Any tech professional who’s serious about joining your organization will want to share your core beliefs. While many leaders originally carve out their value lists with customers in mind, your employee’s and candidate’s opinions are just as, if not more, important. Employees and all of their wonderful differences can unite under a company that they can believe in, with values that they can be proud of. This shared purpose will lead to better relationships in the workplace and increased productivity. Company values that encompass empowering goals and beliefs will also attract motivated candidates, taking your organization one step closer towards those achievements.

Authentic Company Culture

In a similar vein, having an authentic and engaging company culture will make your company stand out against companies competing for the same top talent. As a city, Denver’s one of a kind culture is one of its hallmark charms, attracting individuals from across the world. When it comes to enticing these professionals with your company’s unique culture, pool tables and happy hours just aren’t going to cut it. Instead, your company culture should foster employee enthusiasm and ensure that your teams don’t dread coming into the office every day.

Positive corporate cultures are linked to higher retention rates and job satisfaction, as well as improved employee morale. To build a positive and authentic culture in your workplace, take your employees’ unique needs into consideration. Emphasize employee wellness by offering additional sick days or monthly stipends towards their gym memberships. Encourage social connections by organizing opportunities for colleagues to connect, such as weekly team lunches or starting a department book club. Inspire positivity with consistent encouraging feedback to deserving team members. These minor tweaks to your company culture will not only augment your recruiting strategy, it can elevate your entire organization.

What Denver IT Professionals Are Looking for in Their Next Employer

Denver IT professionals essentially have their pick of the litter. The robust Denver tech community is flush with talent that could take your organization to the next level. By integrating these practices into your business, you’re guaranteed to attract professionals seeking a like-minded and progressive company. Want to put these practices to the test? We’ll make finding top area talent easier than ever. Reach out now to get started.

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