3 Ways to Win in the Denver Tech Sector

by EdgeLink on June 13, 2016 in EdgeLink Denver, Job Market

Denver Tech SectorSeizing the right job rarely happens on a whim. Successful job seekers know when and where to find their own slice of the prosperity pie. Even in the vibrant Denver tech sector, jobs are never a guarantee. However, jobs can be made easier to find when you have the right information.

In most cases, getting the information you need about hot tech skills and thriving local industries requires hours of research and clever networking. Thankfully for you, we’ve already put in that effort. Through our daily contact with startups, small businesses, and mid-sized companies, we have the inside scoop on what you need to become Denver’s hottest commodity. Here’s what matters to Denver businesses right now:

Technical Leadership

These days, we find that companies in the Denver tech sector really want Software Development Managers and Operations Managers. Tech professionals who match their expertise with a head for leadership are being snatched up by a growing number of companies, many of them startups. The reason being has much to do with Denver startup growth.

The Denver startup community is so vibrant (we rank third nationwide for our ability to foster startup entrepreneurial growth), regional startups face fewer obstacles to their expansion. Denver Startup Week is just part of the larger equation. Local networks and a cooperative infrastructure exist to maximize their growth. Because of that, rapid growth spurts often overextend Denver startups. To avoid personnel being spread too thin for too long, strong leadership that can lend a hand with technical hurdles and team management are aggressively sought after.

QA Automation

Another hot tech skill is QA Automation. More members of the Denver tech sector are seeking out tech talent that can fill the quality assurance gaps in their software and IT system/infrastructure team. When starting off, these businesses are small enough to entrust developers with the full SDLC. Growth changes that.

Testing was always important, but smaller sizes limited the need for dedicated testing professionals. Once demand for their brand’s products or services increase, these startups find their developers are being pulled in two separate directions. Quality would ultimately be sacrificed if they didn’t bring on new talent to handle both.

Since the demand for tech professionals with automated testing experience surpasses the supply, Denver businesses have been reaching out to IT staffing firms like others to help them hire talent with QA Automation aptitudes. In fact, a number of our clients have gone from no formal process to building out a whole new testing automation team.

Software Developer

Software development is one of those evergreen talents that remains popular year over year. In fact, we’ve experienced an incredible demand for four years running. That demand is one of the main contributing factors to the Denver software development community having an unemployment rate less than 1%.

Certain skills within the community are career makers. Right now, knowledge of the JavaScript library is a significant contributor to a candidate’s hireability. We see software developers with Angular.js, react.js, and require.js expertise get snatched up almost instantaneously.

Core languages like Ruby and C# also enjoy a comparable level of demand, as do many of the other popular programming languages nationwide. It’s safe to say the development community in Denver is comparable to just about any other national competitor.

Where to Take Your Skills in the Denver Tech Sector

If you have the right stuff, where do you go? There are a plethora of options, but finding a match for your talents and working tastes is easier said than done. The good news is that many major industries are in hiring mode. Businesses focused on the Internet of Things, healthcare IT, and eCommerce are all on the hunt for top talent, but there are ample opportunities in other industries as well.

That’s where we can be of help. Our recruiters in the Denver tech sector are connected with some of the best startups, small local shops, and medium-sized businesses in the market. Plus, we will never present or place you in a position that doesn’t fit your career visions. Take a look at our jobs page to see what we have for you or send a quick application to get your future on the right path.