10 Hiring Mistakes Start-ups Should Avoid

by EdgeLink on December 5, 2012 in Hiring, IT Staffing, Job Market, Start-up Hiring Strategy

The incubator and start-up scene is thriving in a number of cities, including Denver, where our newest office is located. The EdgeLink clientele is comprised of a varying profile of company types spanning F500, SMB, and new start-up organizations. Because our experience is deep across all company profiles, we’ve been able to advise corporations on how to optimize hiring practices in order to find, acquire and retain top IT talent in a highly competitive marketplace. Incorporating all of these elements into a successful human capital life cycle is a very difficult and complex undertaking.

Recently, John Kingdeski of our Denver office, showcased his hiring process thought leadership to a group of RVC members. His presentation centered around 10 common mistakes that start-ups can avoid when hiring their start-up teams; specifically IT talent. His PowerPoint presentation, which provides keen insight to the business operations as a whole, is  now available for download. If you have comments or further questions about the material contained, John Kingdeski is available either by phone at 303-953-4374 or by email at




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