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Lowering the Average Cost Per Hire of IT Talent

by Dane Walker on September 16, 2016 in Candidate Selection


Not every talent acquisition expense is set in stone. Certain costs, like salary requirements and benefits, almost have a minimum buy-in due to the competitive nature of the talent market. Other expenses relating to the actual hiring process allow for more wiggle room, if business leaders know which processes to streamline and where the average […]


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Why Overlooking Network Security Solutions Risks Your Business

by EdgeLink on August 22, 2016 in IT Insights


A security guard asleep on watch would be fired. But what about network security that allows cybercriminals through the door without a fight? These days, it’s accepted as the price of doing business. Dell, which polled IT decision-makers nationwide, found out that only 18% of businesses incorporate security planning into their digital transformation strategy. But […]


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Job Interview Tips: How to Prove You’re a Purple Squirrel

by EdgeLink on July 26, 2016 in Candidate Job Search


There’s a term that IT recruiters use to describe the otherworldly technical talent needed to fit the extravagant job descriptions some companies create: purple squirrel. These candidates have the exact background, skills and education that fit a position’s many complex requirements. And in reality, these fantastical animals don’t exist and neither do those 100% flawless […]


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What Attending the 2016 Women in Technology Colorado Conference Taught Us

by EdgeLink on June 27, 2016 in EdgeLink Colorado, EdgeLink Happenings


Authored by Whitney Bertram and Loren Gassaway  We love being part of Colorado’s tech community. There are so many dynamic voices and creative thinkers here that we are always learning something new to take back to our clients, our candidates, and our daily lives. For example, the most recent Women in Technology (WIT) Conference, held […]


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3 Ways to Win in the Denver Tech Sector

by EdgeLink on June 13, 2016 in EdgeLink Denver, Job Market


Seizing the right job rarely happens on a whim. Successful job seekers know when and where to find their own slice of the prosperity pie. Even in the vibrant Denver tech sector, jobs are never a guarantee. However, jobs can be made easier to find when you have the right information. In most cases, getting the […]


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