Taking Aim: IT Staffing Hits a Different Kind of Bullseye

by Monica Strange on August 8, 2012 in IT Staffing

EdgeLink Portland IT Staffing Team Does Archery

What do the movies “Brave”, “Hunger Games”, and the “Avengers” have in common? You guessed it–Archery.   And for our half-yearly off-site day, the Edgelink IT Staffing team decided to try our hand at this time old tradition.  With aspirations of becoming future Robin Hoods (Prince of Thieves, not Men in Tights), we set out with bows in hand to test our metal (carbonite) against targets great and small.

We started out with basic safety and technical instruction followed by practice time on a range to hone our skills.  Then we moved onto more difficult games like the long shot, popping balloons, tic-tac-toe, and finally, a mini course (imagine golf with arrows) of 3D targets (deer, bobcat, turkey).

The Long Shot winners were Ben & Gina for the Portland office, and Aaron & Ashley for our Denver office.  Unbeknownst to us, Aaron was a secret pro–a home archery hobbyist, and Patricia, in Portland, with a little previous experience, wasn’t too shabby herself.  She and Mike tied for the most points scored on the mini course.

The coordinators of the ranges did an amazing job preparing and organizing a fantastically exciting and challenging day for us all.

Check out:

Campbell’s 3D Archery in Oregon-

Full Rut Archery in Colorado –

No one could have anticipated what a blast we would all have, so this might be an event to repeat in the future. Game on!!

EdgeLink Denver IT Staffing Team Does Archery

EdgeLink Portland IT Staffing Archery Contest Winners