Should You Be Working with a Staffing Firm?

by Mike Miadich on September 15, 2015 in IT Staffing

Should You Be Working with a Staffing Firm

Competition in the current IT market is nothing if not fierce. Less than five years ago, employers had their pick of a plentiful liter. Now, the roles are reversed. Highly qualified candidates have an almost celebrity status, receiving offers from countless companies that all want a piece of them.

Those companies that move fast, using all the available resources at their disposal, are winning out. At times, that means augmenting internal hiring practices with the abilities of a professional staffing agency. But before you reach out to a staffing partner, ask yourself the following questions.

Do You Need to Fill a Position Fast?

Time is always of the essence. Productivity lost due to a vacancy can be costly to any company’s revenue and bottom line. Independent candidate searches can turn up results, but the time table is highly variable. Several factors contribute to a quick turnaround (which we will get to shortly), but the size of a candidate pool considerably expedites the whole process.

Though most companies will have a fair share of resumes on file, that’s nothing compared to the thousands of active candidates available to a staffing firm. For companies that need to screen, interview, and hire employees at a fraction of the competition’s speed, a staffing firm can quickly funnel qualified candidates into the hiring pipeline.

Do You Have an Internal Recruiting Team?

Effective recruiting practices need dedicated time throughout the work week and beyond. How much time can you confidently say is dedicated to candidate searching? If there isn’t a person in your organization who is solely committed to reviewing submitted resumes, running database queries, conducting screening interviews, and proactively locating talent then the hiring process will be bloated and sluggish.

Since most small or midsized businesses can’t afford to have a recruiter on staff, it’s becomes all the more important to partner with a recruiting agency. You want a candidate that is a cultural fit. Even larger companies with an internal recruiting team turn to staffing firms when a difficult hire gums up the works.

Are You Looking to Fill a Niche Position?

The difficulty of the current IT market is amplified all the more when your company is looking for niche expertise. Whether you are trying to fill one of the more competitive IT positions in the local market or just need a technical skill that is as rare as a white rhino, working with a staffing firm can help to expedite the process.

Staffing agencies can also give your business a sense of whether or not your desired candidate is a realistic one. Does the combination of skills you are looking for exist in the local market? Are there candidates in other regional markets that fit your specifications? Are certain skills better downplayed to get the position filled quickly? All of these questions can be answered by staffing professionals.

If you need to start working with a staffing firm that can help you to find an exceptional candidate, then reach out to EdgeLink. We listen to your exact reason for working with a staffing agency and do all in our power to provide you with customized service.