Technical Recruiter means "Technical" Recruiter

by Jeff Miller on October 30, 2012 in IT Recruiters

Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes. Different height, weight, hair color, number of teeth, and shoe size. They also come ready-made with different adjectives to support their naming convention. We give them a variety of titles such as “Executive” Recruiter, “Healthcare” Recruiter, “Contract” Recruiter, “Corporate” Recruiter, and of course Technical Recruiter. So, why do we give out these precious designations and why do our business cards label us as such? Well, outside of the obvious reasons, it’s probably because the title is a clear identifier of a skill or competency. And, it’s important that the skill is validated through the job description and how the recruiter is able to navigate the waters of the specific area of focus.

No question, building a great technology recruiting team is not an easy task; it takes time and patience. Many staffing and recruiting firms assemble internal search talent by hiring new industry entrants, from varying backgrounds like sales, marketing and retail.. This is a great way to get the new recruiters’ feet wet by having them learn the buzz words and structures of corporate technology departments. If a staffing and recruiting firm specializes in certain areas of the technology stack (application development/infrastructure/QA/etc), recruiters are more likely to quickly digest the concepts associated with specific disciplines by reviewing resumes, understanding terms and searching resume databases. If a recruiting firm fills a wide variety of positions, the learning curve is much steeper to understand the surface of each technology and role in question. And even though a recruiter may start to grasp top level concepts of each technology, there is far more comprehension involved in order to live up to the technical recruiter label.

We talk about this topic because there is great responsibility that comes with being a technical recruiter that we do not take lightly. There are innate skills that are invaluable to the success of the role, such as communication, drive, relationship building, organizational skills, and of course, intelligence. Recruiters that come pre-built with these traits are sitting in a great spot to succeed, but success requires a great deal more. Technical recruiters MUST consume the deepest levels of understanding around various technologies and the market they intend to recruit within. They must research the skills, tools, software manufactures, integration concepts, software/tool trends, corporate structures, project landscapes, and so much more. The Technical Recruiter must  be a sponge and learn from every candidate/client discussion and every resume reviewed. The recruiter must be a student at all times. Stopping at the surface with buzzword bingo will not cut it. In the end, the ultimate test  for the recruiter is proving a high level of consistently sourcing and securing top talent because clients and candidates see that the recruiter has the ability to effectively converse, absorb and comprehend their world. Success at this accomplished state confirms that the title of “Technical Recruiter” has been achieved.

EdgeLink is a company that is skilled in the area of Technology Recruiting and Staffing. We have “Technical Recruiters” on staff that are charged with recruiting technical talent and that clearly understand the technical requirements of our clients. We are often applauded by candidates and clients for our deep understanding of various areas of technology and the fluency at which we converse and identify with each area of the trade. It’s a healthy form of positive reinforcement that we firmly believe attaches the label of “technical” to the title that our recruiters carry around with them.

That’s  why we say that “Technical” Recruiter means “Technical” Recruiter. At EdgeLink, we expect nothing less.

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