Do you have a trusted relationship with a local IT recruiter?

by EdgeLink on May 1, 2012 in IT Recruiters

A trusted relationship between an IT recruiter and a candidate is coveted in our business from both perspectives. You don’t have to be looking for a new job to have a relationship with a recruiter. Any relationship requires effort to maintain, but being connected with a good recruiter definitely has its rewards…

Your recruiter hears a lot about the IT business, both good and bad. He gets it from the perspective of the candidate and the client.

A recruiter can provide insight into the market with regard to new trends, companies, pay rates, and job function. Once you have a relationship with a recruiter, he knows you and understands your talents, so if and when it does come time for you to consider making a change, you don’t have to go through all the work of searching for a reliable recruiter and vetting them.

A professional IT recruiter who is invested in his trade is well-connected to the technology community and will take a great sense of pride in being a good steward for you in your job search. You can be sure you will be “in the know” as to current events and news.

If you have friends who are looking for work, you can help them by recommending them to a recruiter whom you know and trust. A good recruiter’s door is always open for a call or email asking for help, guidance or advice. Everyone needs a compassionate ear some time.

Now, from my perspective:  I have been a recruiter in IT Staffing for almost 5 years and I have come to treasure my relationships with candidates that I have worked to build over time.  Some of these people I’ve placed in jobs more than once; some I have never placed at all; most fall somewhere in between. These are people that I know I can call when I need insight about a new technology or when I need a job description explained in lay-terms. My contacts refer their friends and colleagues to me, knowing they will be in good hands. I am always proactively keeping my ears and eyes open for companies that could be a good match so that when I receive a call from a candidate in need, I already know where to begin the recruiting process. I, too, have needed a compassionate ear and I know who I can call when I need a quick emotional “pick-me-up” — that means the world to me.

The end result here is a genuine and valuable professional relationship that has no preconceived notions, built on trust and communication.`