Here’s Why It Matters to You That Our Recruiters Love Working at EdgeLink

by James Hatch on March 22, 2016 in IT Recruiters, IT Staffing

James HatchYour staffing partner’s culture matters more than you’d think. The best IT staffing firms make sure their sales and recruiting teams are happy because it gets you the biggest bang for your buck. Happy employees boost productivity, raise customer satisfaction, and act in the best interest of their clients. Happy recruiters feel connected to the businesses they serve and have a stake in how they perform.

I know because that’s exactly what happens here at EdgeLink. In my role as a Recruiter with EdgeLink, I have seen first-hand the ways we’ve built a working atmosphere where our recruiters are happy and take ownership of the success of our business and that of our clients. Here is how all that matters to you.

We Commit to Your Business

The mission statement really drew me to EdgeLink. We are not one of those “one-size-fits-all” recruiting teams (the best IT staffing firms never are). We focus on trying to do what is right for both the candidate and client. We’re not in business just to make money. Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 100, we want to make placements that fit exceptional talent into the right environment. That goal gives meaning to our work.

Why does that matter to your business? Recruiters who gain meaning through their work with an IT staffing firm are empowered to do more, pursue creative solutions, and turn problems on their heads as they find solutions. Basically, they are more inclined to know how to make life easier for clients.

We Are Trusted by Candidates

A sense of meaning also matters when working with candidates. We get to know them and make sure that any job we present is a good fit. On a daily basis, candidates treat me like someone who they can confide in and use as a sounding board. I get to act as a career consultant and help them make the right decision for candidates and their families. And that matters to your business.

The bonds of trust we make are hard to break. So, when we advise a candidate to work with you, they know the suggestion is with their best interests at heart. Never do we try to fix them up with a business that is a breakup in the making. We want placements to last and compatibility on both sides is the key to that goal.

We Run an Office that People Love

Our atmosphere is really positive. I have never been in a work environment where I’ve developed such strong friendships. We’re like a family. Members of the EdgeLink team motivate me to improve myself personally and professionally. We spend time together outside of work – go to concerts, brunch, picnics, and play dates with our dogs. Would you be surprised to hear that the culture of the best IT staffing firms positively impacts your business?

When recruiters feel positive in the office, they are primed for creativity. It turns out that positive emotions fill our brains with dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel good and empower us to analyze situations and solve problems at greater speeds. In practical terms, our happy recruiters have the expanded brain power to hunt down hard-to-find candidates.

We Learn Faster than the Average

Recruiter engagement is crucial to your business. When the members of an IT staffing firm are engaged with their internal team, ideas are shared more readily and the average quality of service you receive goes up.

In our Portland office, I can confidently say we are engaged in our work. Not only that, we all bring different perspectives to the table. We have some Oregon natives but many of us are transplants. We’re an eclectic group and that gives us a huge advantage. Because we are engaged by the work we do, all of our idea-sharing and brainstorming benefit from our diversity of thought.

For example, I’ve been working with Gina Storey, who is one of the senior members in Portland. She told me something the other day that really resonates. “The hard questions are the ones you are going to learn the most from. You just need to rip off the Band-Aid and do it.” That was great for me because I have long been worried about pushing buttons or being too nosy. That’s a great advantage for the newer members of our team.

Since our offices are filled with seasoned IT professionals who have been in the industry (and often at EdgeLink) for seven to ten years, there is a culture of continuous improvement. Newer recruiters can get ongoing mentorship from people invested in their growth, and clients are provided with high quality service that evolves as the market does.

Learn More About One of the Best IT Staffing Firms

Want to learn more about what our team has to say about EdgeLink? Check out our Why EdgeLink page for testimonials straight from our clients, candidates, and staff. If EdgeLink sounds like one of the best IT staffing firms for your business, contact us to get started on your next hire.

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