Hiring Strategies For Your Startup | Denver Startup Week Panel – 2014

by EdgeLink on December 8, 2014 in Hiring, Start-up Hiring Strategy

This video introduces the panel and starts the discussion about reasons why people may (or may not) want to come work for your company.


Learn about how to set objectives for your employees and how this person can come in and truly impact your company.

How do you keep employees engaged when they work remotely?

What are the legal obligations to your new employees and how do you protect your company?

How to write and post an effective job description to get you the perfect fit employee.

Should you hire new employees when your company grows or when you’re forecasting growth?

Learn about some of the best ways and techniques to find candidates.

“Culture is a lot more than having a keg and an ping pong table in your office.” How do you accurately convey your culture to potential employees?

When recruiting potential employees from college, what are the best techniques to getting quality talent? Also, what interview questions should you be asking?

Learn about what your on-boarding process should be like to help make your new employee feel like part of the team!