5 Signs You Need to Revamp Your Hiring Process

by EdgeLink on December 14, 2015 in Hiring

5 Signs You NeedAre your hiring tactics up to snuff? The signs of trouble are often subtle, but the effects are hard-hitting. That is why we recommend you use the following situations as an advance warning that your hiring process is in jeopardy. Otherwise, you risk a loss of revenue, productivity, and your reputation once the damage has already been done.

1.) Your Hiring Process Lasts Longer Than 23 Days

What is the magic number for hiring? These days, the average length of time vacancies remain open nationwide is pushing 23 days. According to an Indeed survey, that amount of time is one of the highest recorded. Longer hiring processes are the result of how competitive the job market has become, but companies that push beyond that already excessive norm probably need to reevaluate their hiring.

Prolonged hiring timelines often stem from one of a few reasons. Job requirements may not be locked into place before the candidate search begins. All necessary decision makers may not be prepped and ready to move quality candidates from the pipeline to an offer. If hiring is dragging on, be sure that you tighten up candidate expectations and internal processes to move the hire to quick completion.

2.) You Review Too Many Candidates per Position

If your business is reviewing more than three candidates for a given position, you may be casting your net too wide. Recruiter surveys find that as many as 75% of applicants are unqualified for any given position. Even candidates that are qualified for a position can be ruled out before the interview process. Screening for culture fit can help to eliminate excess candidates before the interview process begins.

3.) You Have More Than 2 Interviews Per Candidate

Are your most promising candidates going through three, four, or more interviews? Chances are you may need to reassess your interview strategies. Why? Because candidates are probably being plucked out from underneath you.

All of the important answers you need from candidates can quickly be gleaned in two interview sessions or less if you incorporate certain styles of interview questions. They can help you determine future action, past experiences, thought processes, and speed of response in rapid fire succession.

4.) Your Glassdoor Reviews Are Trending Negative

Social media is an outlet for outrage. When candidates feel wronged, they vocalize their frustrations. Glassdoor users are agog to see negative reviews, hoping to dodge a bullet when companies seem too good to be true. If your company is experiencing an uptick in negative reviews, it might be time to review and improve your hiring process.

What can Glassdoor help to identify? Mainly, it’s the most unflattering parts about your hiring process. Do candidates see you as disorganized? Slow? You’ll know on Glassdoor. A few negative reviews aren’t anything to get bent out of shape about, but when your rating dips, it helps to swallow that slice of humble pie and make changes.

5.) Your Team Experiences High Turnover

Quick employee turnover can be an indicator that your hiring process needs realignment. After several years of a decline, turnover rates have been on the rise again, moving up 0.6% to 15.7% from 2013 to 2014. Turnover rates that rise above that standard level can be an issue of finding good cultural fits.

The Solution?

If you are looking to quickly find a select group of top quality technical candidates, partnering with an IT staffing agency is the best way to improve your hiring process. We at EdgeLink have a massive talent pool to pull from and a dedicated team of technical recruiter to deliver results. Contact us today to get your hiring processes on the right track.