A Wrap On Portland Startup Weekend

by Mark Schacter on December 2, 2014 in EdgeLink Oregon

Portland Startup WeekEdgeLink is proud to be a returning sponsor for The Portland Startup Weekend, a semi-annual event where over 100 entrepreneurs compete in an innovative, synergetic environment to build startups from the ground up.

The recent Portland Startup Weekend event, which took place on November 14-16, provided designers, developers, and other skilled business people the opportunity to pitch ideas for brand new startups. The best ideas were voted upon, and groups formed to build these conceptual ideas into working business models within 52 hours.

Portland Startup Week.jpg1Organized by Up Global and hosted by one of Oregon’s leading tech incubator, PSU Business Accelerator, Portland Startup Weekend is an excellent networking opportunity for local Portland business leaders and entrepreneurs. EdgeLink was excited to be a Gold Level Sponsor, hosting a cocktail reception for the event’s participants to interact and engage with each other. EdgeLink’s, Mark Schacter in addition to welcoming the attendees during the cocktail reception was also an active volunteer helping with the event’s sign up and registration process.

In addition to over 100 event participants, Portland Startup Weekend was host to a number of coaches, mentors, judges, and local guest speakers. These included local community partners and business founders, as well as team members from Google, Intel, Switchboard and more. From this host of co-founders, leaders, program managers, consultants and more, competitors gained insight and advice for building their business models.

At the end of 52 long hours, sleep-deprived but exhilarated participants presented their ideas to a panel of judges, for a variety of local recognition awards with the top three advancing to a global contest hosted by Up Global. This year’s top winning idea was PDXShelter, a mobile app to help the homeless population with an applicable tool to find local, available shelters. Another top contender that won best business model was “Tinkle Time,” an app and associated Bluetooth device to give the age old practice of child toilet training a “modern tech twist.”

Many of the business models built over the course of the weekend stand a significant chance of becoming real world startups, and even if they don’t, participants leave the event with new found knowledge, skills, and connections for their future endeavors.

EdgeLink is proud to participate in this event and engage with local business leaders and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Portland’s Startup Weekend and similar events around the globe are inspiring opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to determine if their ideas are viable.

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