EdgeLink FUN Day

by EdgeLink on January 20, 2011 in EdgeLink Happenings
edgelink fun day
Little Bo Peep and her adorable Sheep
Every year at EdgeLink, we uphold the tradition of “Company Fun Day.” What is Company Fun Day, you ask? Exactly as it sounds–We take a day to play hooky from work and enjoy each other’s company. The ritual involves bowling, pizza, costumes, contests and a whole lot of heckling.
This year, we visited Big Al’s in Vancouver. Quite a bowling alley, I must say! It’s truly the most extravagant bowling alley I’ve ever visited. Huge game room, high-tech alleys, and plush, comfortable couches to lounge on while you wait your turn to bowl.
We had competitions for a variety of unusual bowling practices such as bowling with the heaviest ball, bowling granny style, bowling while hopping on one foot, and my personal favorite, backwards between the legs.
Our costume contest was also a hoot. Teams dressed as “Three Blind Mice”, “Little Bo Peep and her Sheep”, “Zombies”, and the cast of “Jersey Shore.” The voting goes down like an episode of Survivor; hyper-competitive and strategic. Team Jersey Shore deservingly won this time. And not one vote for the zombies (my team)–we got hosed.
The day flew by, but luckily, I captured a few good pics for blackmail, er, posterity. Looking forward to more good times next year!

What does you company do to foster fun and team bonding? 

“Mmmm, pizza”
Looking good, Jersey Shore