The Attributes that Make a Company Great to Work For – EdgeLink sponsors DVSUG

by EdgeLink on February 10, 2015 in EdgeLink Denver, EdgeLink Happenings

20150126_183637On January 26th, 2015, EdgeLink Denver sponsored the Denver Visual Studio User Group and presented for the second time. The group is hosted monthly by Chris Wallace and held at Microsoft in the Denver Tech Center for developers who are utilizing the Microsoft stack. Aaron Mills, Denver Manager, presented on ‘The attributes that make a company great to work for’ after 6 weeks of research by the entire EdgeLink Denver team.

The team gathered information from both candidates and clients about what makes their company great to work for and how employee retention is promoted. The results were interesting to say the least! From waffle breakfasts, bike sharing, dogs in the office, and free lunches, the participants in EdgeLink’s study had plenty of information about why they love (or hate) the place they work.

The most commonly stated benefits were compensation, healthcare, 401k, stock options, and bonuses. Also noted were traits of great employers, including trust, proper resource allocation, encouragement of independent thought, and great people. While all of these were deemed important, it seemed that the almighty dollar reigned supreme – with the most frequent responses relating to compensation.

Finally, the survey asked developers what they would like the leaders of Colorado companies to know about them. They stated:

  • “We are good at what we do and expect to be treated well and paid well”
  • “New technologies are more about what you can accomplish with them… than they are just something to put on your resume”
  • “In turn, we’ll accomplish some amazing things for you!”

The EdgeLink team came armed with empanadas and left with a much greater understanding of what developers are looking for in the current market and what really motivates them. The easiest way to understand the people you work with is just flat out ask them, and this is a clear testament to that.

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By: Erica Miller and Reed Kremer