C-Level Ski Day 2017: Another Fun and Rewarding Experience

by Aaron Mills on May 1, 2017 in EdgeLink Charity, EdgeLink Denver, EdgeLink Happenings

C-Level Ski Day 2017: Another Fun and Rewarding ExperienceOne of the greatest benefits of working in Denver is undoubtedly the fun and unique networking opportunities that the environment provides. No event showcases this perk better than C-Level Ski Day 2017, which happens to be my favorite event on the company’s calendar.

EdgeLink has been a sponsor of C-Level Ski Day since its inception, and it was fantastic for our organization to support this can’t-miss event for the 6th year in a row. It’s always a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved to interact with other technology leaders, make new connections, and discuss business in a unique and exciting way. We appreciate spending time with our clients, so it was also a great way to enjoy some fellowship together outside of an office setting.

In the days leading up to C-Level Ski Day 2017 there were some concerns that the weather was a bit too warm, but when the day dawned, the powder was good and the turnout of attendees was larger than ever at well over one hundred. We completely took over Arapahoe Basin as the beautiful spring day began with breakfast and continued by hitting the slopes.

c-level ski day 2017 beachAs the day progressed the snow continued to improve, with people being able to ski right up to “the beach,” or the area at the bottom of the hill where the party was in full swing with music and drinks readily available. By the time we all gathered together for lunch everyone was already having a terrific experience, and then things got even more exciting with a raffle. Prizes given away included a GoPro, set of skis, remote-controlled drone, hockey stick signed by one of the Colorado Avalanche, backpacks, coolers, and more.

The all-day event continued well past lunch with more skiing and relationship building. Many small groups broke off throughout the afternoon, often comprised of brand new acquaintances exchanging business cards and talking shop. The unique setting for such connections to be made is what really makes this my favorite event of the year.

With so many highlights it’s nearly impossible for me to pinpoint the most memorable part of my day.  Enjoying the soft moguls, hitting jumps, watching the lunchtime raffle, laughing at the party at “the beach”, and of course facilitating productive networking all will hold an equal place in my memory. Best of all, $14,000 were raised for the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) nonprofit.

c-level ski day 2017 EdgeLinkI would like to thank everyone who attended or co-sponsored C-Level Ski Day 2017, especially main sponsor ViaWest who has put a tremendous amount of effort into planning the event for six years running. It was a wonderful, safe, and enjoyable day that was more popular than ever, and I expect to see everybody back next year!


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