EdgeLink Philosophy: Giving Back Over the Holidays

by EdgeLink on December 18, 2012 in EdgeLink Charity

holidaySeveral years ago we were preparing for the holiday season: decorating the office, planning office parties, and setting aside our annual holiday card budget. As usual, we were following the normal business tradition of mailing holiday greeting cards; our only input lay in what design to select and what message to write. “Happy Holidays, Edgelink” was the neutral favorite.  As we calculated the funds dedicated to the creation, printing, and postage of these holiday cards, something else rose in our minds. What if this year, we did something beneficial? Something more than a holiday card or a logo-emblazoned gift? That was the year we decided to start giving back…

Giving to our Industry

The first new Holiday tradition we began that year was a simple e-card, sent to our employees, clients, and friends, promising to donate to a charity and asking the recipients to weigh in on their preferred charity. Since that time, we’ve selected charities each year that are tech-related, children-centered, or otherwise meaningful to our employees. We believe in “paying it forward,” giving back to the industry and preparing the next generation.

This year, we’ve selected KidsTek, TechStart, the Cancer Research Institute, and the Humane Society. To read more about these charities and to vote on your choice, visit our voting page here:

Giving to our Communities

Another charitable activity we participate in every year is the Salvation Army’s “adopt-a-family” program.  Feeling a sense of pride and responsibility for our respective Portland and Denver areas, we wanted to do something for our communities.

After spending time helping families going through rough times, EdgeLink employees got excited, opting to continue the tradition annually. Each year, we do what we can for families experiencing unemployment, tragedies, and other struggles, donating food, winter clothing, and tools, along with gifts for the holidays.

Since beginning to give back as a company, EdgeLink has been thrilled to experience a more impactful, rewarding holiday season. We recognize the generosity of many of our clients and friends, and rejoice that we too can help our industry and communities move forward each year.