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10 Hiring Mistakes Start-ups Should Avoid

by EdgeLink on December 5, 2012 in Hiring, IT Staffing, Job Market, Start-up Hiring Strategy


The incubator and start-up scene is thriving in a number of cities, including Denver, where our newest office is located. The EdgeLink clientele is comprised of a varying profile of company types spanning F500, SMB, and new start-up organizations. Because our experience is deep across all company profiles, we’ve been able to advise corporations on […]


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Is There Such a Thing as Work Stability?

by Jeff Miller on November 27, 2012 in Candidate Job Search, Job Market


Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a number of changes in the IT employment market:  the ecstatic highs of the dot com boom, the plunge into recession, and now the slow climb through a recovery-era, high-skill demand. With the ever changing landscape that is information technology, we start to ask ourselves if there is such […]


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Part 2: Hiring in a Tight Market- Why You Should Move Quickly

by Mike Miadich on October 16, 2012 in Candidate Interviewing, Candidate Selection, Hiring, Job Market


Last week, I discussed the challenge of hiring in a tight market and why waiting to make a decision may be the right strategy. However, there are always opposing sides of each argument, and in this case, we see that there are also very compelling reasons to move quickly in a tight market, when the right candidate […]


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Part 1: Is Being More Selective When Hiring in a Tight Market the Right Answer?

by Mike Miadich on October 9, 2012 in Candidate Selection, Hiring, Job Market


The market for technical talent is thinning. We are witnessing highly skilled resources becoming  scarce across all areas of the technology spectrum. However, what we are seeing is that there are also slowing trends in hiring as the demand continues to grow. So, what is the right answer: be more selective or make quicker decisions? […]


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