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4 Steps to Retain Your IT Talent

by Mike Miadich on January 13, 2014 in Hiring, IT Staffing


Building a successful IT department isn’t easy.  Hours of job postings, resume weeding and interviewing are sure to pay off resulting in a hardworking, productive team.  Once a team is in place, the hard work doesn’t stop there.  The focus shifts and becomes less about getting employees and more about keeping them. As the IT […]


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Why Your Interview Process May Be Losing Top Talent

by Mike Miadich on February 25, 2013 in Candidate Interviewing, Hiring, IT Staffing


Finding top talent these days can be an arduous task, one which has many recruiters scratching their heads in frustration. From the mountains of resumes pouring in from online sources to the inundation of unsolicited social media invitations, hiring top talent has become more difficult than ever. Finding the right candidate is one thing, but […]


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