4 Steps to Retain Your IT Talent

Building a successful IT department isn’t easy.  Hours of job postings, resume weeding and interviewing are sure to pay off resulting in a hardworking, productive team.  Once a team is in place, the hard work doesn’t stop there.  The focus shifts and becomes less about getting employees and more about keeping them.

As the IT talent war wages on, companies are increasingly in danger of losing their talent to competitors or other IT shops.  Losing valuable IT talent not only starts the recruiting process over again, it also costs budgetary dollars that could be used elsewhere.   Retaining IT talent is no easy feat.  It takes listening and effective communication to be able to make and keep employees happy.  Below, we’ve identified 4 easy steps for IT leaders to implement.  These steps will create a path to a retention plan and ultimately, keeping valuable employees.

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6 Points to Consider When Choosing an IT Staffing Firm (from an HR Perspective)


In today’s market, IT staffing firms are abundant and ubiquitous – from the large, one-stop shops, to the small niche talent providers, there is an abundance to choose from. Many aspects of the IT staffing firm come into play when deciding which to work with, but from the human resources (HR) perspective, how do you decipher amongst the masses?

Here are a few things to consider when deciding which IT staffing firm to work with:
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The Benefits of Technology Permanent Placement Services

These days it’s easier than ever for a job seeker to seek out employment opportunities. There are the job boards, chuck full with every type of job posting you can think of. You can perform a Google search and get served up hundreds of potential hits for what you seek. Of course there is also LinkedIn and even Facebook available to today’s job hunter. In fact, looking for a new job can turn into a full time job before long. With so many options available, why would you look to an Technology staffing firm for permanent employment placement?

To begin with, the world of prospecting can be a daunting place, and if you’re not targeted and disciplined, you can spend the majority of your time pursuing positions that aren’t likely to yield tangible opportunity. For the candidate, here are a few reasons why permanent placement through an Technology staffing firm makes sense:
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Why Your Interview Process May Be Losing Top Talent

Finding top talent these days can be an arduous task, one which has many recruiters scratching their heads in frustration. From the mountains of resumes pouring in from online sources to the inundation of unsolicited social media invitations, hiring top talent has become more difficult than ever. Finding the right candidate is one thing, but bringing them through the interview process and hiring them is quite another. For too many companies, the interview process itself may be losing top talent.

According to the US Labor Department, nearly 4.8 million Americans have been out of work for 27 weeks or more, three times as many as in late 2007. The typical unemployed worker has been jobless for an average of 38 weeks, compared with just 17 weeks before the recession. With the job market obstinately tight, recruiters are challenged to find the right candidate amongst the overabundance of the unemployed. Once the ideal candidate has been identified, the process of interviewing and hiring that individual may inadvertently turn them away. Continue reading

Bracing for Change in a Volatile Market

approaching stormThe labor market is experiencing a changing dynamic not seen in well over a decade. While the nation stalls in its recovery, barely avoiding the infamous fiscal cliff, the IT staffing industry seems to be thriving under these unique circumstances. Global economics and politics have come together to create a sustaining need for “green” technology solutions, cloud computing, mobile technology, and healthcare information technology.  These unique verticals fuel the IT staffing industry’s current position, but at the same time present unprecedented market volatility.

Back in the late 1990’s during the dot.com era, staffing firms needed to hone in on specific skill sets that could be marketable within this environment. Web developers and designers were hot commodities during this time.  With the Y2K conundrum looming, mainframe developers experienced resurgence and commanded hefty sums for their expertise. Marketability was defined by a technological skill set and recruiters needed to only scan a resume to determine whether or not a candidate had experience with the right acronyms. As technology and demand have changed, the current IT staffing industry has grown a unique complexity of skill and industry expertise. Continue reading