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5 Ways that Social Media Reaches the Candidate Pool

by EdgeLink on March 12, 2013 in Candidate Networking, IT Recruiters, Start-up Hiring Strategy


One of the biggest challenges IT recruiters face is sourcing the right candidates for recruitment. The days when a simple job posting attracted the best candidate are likely behind us, as the candidates you actually want typically don’t respond to job board postings. To get at this evasive talent pool, many companies have turned to […]


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Technical Recruiter means "Technical" Recruiter

by Jeff Miller on October 30, 2012 in IT Recruiters


Recruiters come in all shapes and sizes. Different height, weight, hair color, number of teeth, and shoe size. They also come ready-made with different adjectives to support their naming convention. We give them a variety of titles such as “Executive” Recruiter, “Healthcare” Recruiter, “Contract” Recruiter, “Corporate” Recruiter, and of course Technical Recruiter. So, why do […]


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Do you have a trusted relationship with a local IT recruiter?

by EdgeLink on May 1, 2012 in IT Recruiters


A trusted relationship between an IT recruiter and a candidate is coveted in our business from both perspectives. You don’t have to be looking for a new job to have a relationship with a recruiter. Any relationship requires effort to maintain, but being connected with a good recruiter definitely has its rewards…


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Is Your Recruiter is Really Working for You?

by EdgeLink on May 25, 2011 in IT Recruiters, Uncategorized


  by Justin Brewington, Technical Recruiter – Direct-Hire Services   In our previous blog article, “How to Find a Good Recruiter: Six Useful Questions to Ask,” EdgeLink Technical Recruiter, John Kahlil Somera explained the process of identifying and qualifying a recruiter from a job seeker’s perspective.  I would like to expand on the topic by […]


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How To Find a Good Recruiter

by EdgeLink on March 30, 2011 in IT Recruiters, Uncategorized


HOW TO FIND A GOOD RECRUITER: Six Useful Questions To Ask by Kahlil John Somera, Technical Recruiter Are you currently working with a recruiter to help you find a job?  If so, does the recruiter meet, exceed or fail your expectations?  How do you know that you are working with a good recruiter? 


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