Denver Startup Week: Hiring Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

Denver Startup Week 2013

As part of our sponsorship of Denver Startup Week, on Thursday, Sep 19, 2013 (5p-7p), John Kindgeski, our resident “Startup expert” will be presenting on Hiring Mistakes Startups Should Avoid. Joined by Kelly Taylor of Pivotdesk and Chris Black of Tendril, John will be part of a panel discussion about how to overcome many hurdles faced when building a team.

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Boulder Startup Crawl

EdgeLink is proudly sponsoring the Startup Crawl for Boulder Startup Week going on May 15 – May 19. The Startup Crawl will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2013. If you’re interested in attending you can sign up here.

The crawl provides companies in the startup phases with a way to promote their businesses and open their doors (and provide beers!) to the business community. And it’s all happening around beautiful Boulder, Colorado!
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When Recruiters Meet Radio

“Who has the power: the client or the candidate?” the “Animal” asked, throwing another controversial question at EdgeLink’s own Reed Kremer.  Last week during his March 13th Morning show, the self-proclaimed “Recruiting Animal” challenged  Reed and his other guests with spirited and controversial recruiting topics. Continue reading

Hiring Your Start-Up Team

With Innovations Pavilion

The Denver area is a hotbed of bright and talented entrepreneurial individuals. With the uptick in new start-ups around the region, these organizations face the challenge of attracting and retaining the best IT talent, while competing heavily with much larger companies for the finest information technology resources.

On February 28th, John Kingdeski of EdgeLink will be Innovations Pavilion’s key presenter at their Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs Meetup. John’s presentation will address the “Top 10 Mistakes Start-ups Should Avoid.” John has recently presented this similar topic for Rockies Venture Club and continues to receive accolades from his presentation and insider tips for building a successful start-up organization. Continue reading

Edgelink: Keeping the Relationship Alive

A good IT staffing firm will be efficient and precise at filling their clients’ open requirements, expedient in responding to client concerns and issues, and adept at gathering additional opportunities for contractor placements. That’s where most staffing firms stop; thinking success lies in filling the position then moving onto the next one as quickly as possible. This strategy could, perhaps, be fiscally responsible and economically beneficial in the short run, but most staffing firms are missing out on the greater value achieved by keeping the contractor relationship alive. This is what separates a ‘good’ staffing firm from the ‘great’ ones.

A great IT staffing firm goes beyond the here and now – past the mechanics of the business and into the realm of relationship building. Sure, getting to know your contractors takes time and money, and many firms don’t believe in the practice of building that relationship with the contractor. This type of ‘care and feeding’ typically takes a back seat when there are perhaps bigger fish to fry, but failing to build a lasting relationship with your contractors is closing the door on any future opportunities the relationship can bring. Continue reading