Hitting the Links in Portland: Drives, Putts and Prizes at EdgeLink’s 9th Annual Client Appreciation Golf Tournament

Portland is a booming city with a large and growing IT industry, as well as a great tech community with endless opportunities for professional growth and development. At EdgeLink, we’re grateful to be part of this growing industry and we set aside a day each year to show our appreciation to our clients and candidates by hosting our Annual Client Appreciation Golf Tournament. This year, our 9th annual tournament was held on Friday, May 17th at Langdon Farms Golf Course in Aurora, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

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When You Should Switch Your IT Staffing Provider

In today’s IT market, it’s getting harder and harder to find the technical talent you need to complete projects.  Many managers have found that recruiting on their own isn’t doing the trick and have turned to an IT staffing provider.  When partnering with a firm to help your hiring needs it’s important that you work with the right IT staffing partner. Doing so will help you successfully find high quality consultants for your open positions.  Working with the wrong partner though, can leave your jobs sitting open for weeks on end, leaving your projects stalled.

Obviously, if you’re not getting your jobs filled, it’s probably time to switch IT staffing companies.  But what are some other key traits that can clue you in that it’s time to switch?  Check out our list below of four examples that will tell you it’s time to find a new partner: Continue reading

Edgelink: Keeping the Relationship Alive

A good IT staffing firm will be efficient and precise at filling their clients’ open requirements, expedient in responding to client concerns and issues, and adept at gathering additional opportunities for contractor placements. That’s where most staffing firms stop; thinking success lies in filling the position then moving onto the next one as quickly as possible. This strategy could, perhaps, be fiscally responsible and economically beneficial in the short run, but most staffing firms are missing out on the greater value achieved by keeping the contractor relationship alive. This is what separates a ‘good’ staffing firm from the ‘great’ ones.

A great IT staffing firm goes beyond the here and now – past the mechanics of the business and into the realm of relationship building. Sure, getting to know your contractors takes time and money, and many firms don’t believe in the practice of building that relationship with the contractor. This type of ‘care and feeding’ typically takes a back seat when there are perhaps bigger fish to fry, but failing to build a lasting relationship with your contractors is closing the door on any future opportunities the relationship can bring. Continue reading

Adding Value to the Client Without Filling the Position

EdgeLink Strategic RelationshipThere is no better feeling for our team than the exhilaration derived from discovering an open consulting requisition from a client, especially if it’s a foot-in-the-door to bigger things. The euphoria can quickly turn into frustration and desperation if the right candidate isn’t discovered in a timely manner. Knowing our competition is hot on our heels to fill the same requirement adds even more stress to the situation, and may sway our competition to force a square peg into a round hole by presenting candidates who may not truly be a fit.  At EdgeLink, we believe that there are ways to add value to the relationship even if the open position is difficult to fill. Here’s how… Continue reading