The Importance of Candidate Experience for Hiring in a Competitive Market

candidate experience On average, positions are sitting open for 30 working days, the longest on record. Amidst the current candidate-driven market, being aware of job-seeker needs is crucial to remain ahead of the competition. By making candidate experience a major focus of your talent acquisition strategy, you’ll also lower internal costs and improve talent retention. Continue reading

Edgelink: Keeping the Relationship Alive

A good IT staffing firm will be efficient and precise at filling their clients’ open requirements, expedient in responding to client concerns and issues, and adept at gathering additional opportunities for contractor placements. That’s where most staffing firms stop; thinking success lies in filling the position then moving onto the next one as quickly as possible. This strategy could, perhaps, be fiscally responsible and economically beneficial in the short run, but most staffing firms are missing out on the greater value achieved by keeping the contractor relationship alive. This is what separates a ‘good’ staffing firm from the ‘great’ ones.

A great IT staffing firm goes beyond the here and now – past the mechanics of the business and into the realm of relationship building. Sure, getting to know your contractors takes time and money, and many firms don’t believe in the practice of building that relationship with the contractor. This type of ‘care and feeding’ typically takes a back seat when there are perhaps bigger fish to fry, but failing to build a lasting relationship with your contractors is closing the door on any future opportunities the relationship can bring. Continue reading

Embracing IT Candidates, Placement or No Placement

Job InterviewIn our industry, the word “candidate” is extremely popular, a primary “building block” of our existence. Without candidates, companies like EdgeLink would not exist. Thus we decided a long time ago to redefine the meaning and purpose of the word “candidate.” While many might only seek out resources that fit a current client’s need, we build relationships with people because those people make up the very essence of our business model. Here are a few ways that “candidates” migrate into “relationships” at EdgeLink, even if they don’t fit a particular client position. Continue reading