Case Studies

Increasing Profitability, Market Share, and Customer Satisfaction THROUGH BILLING SYSTEM RECONSTRUCTION

The Client

The largest communications provider in Alaska, providing data, wireless, video, voice and managed services to consumer and business customers throughout Alaska and nationwide. They’ve delivered services for nearly 40 years to some of the most remote communities and most challenging conditions in North America.

The Challenge

As our client experienced growth, they also acquired significant technical debt that went unaddressed. The combination of relying on legacy billing systems while using too many billing systems slowly began to drag their billing operations and IT department down. It finally reached a tipping point when customers were receiving bills from separate systems that were unable to be reconciled. Our client was faced with the task of reorganizing from the top-down to implement a scalable solution.

The Solution

EdgeLink built a team of consultants who spearheaded the transformation, delivering custom software in both Ruby on Rails (RoR) and JavaScript (JS). The billing systems required functionality built in a different language than their legacy environment. The consultants built APIs so that data could be pulled from multiple applications. EdgeLink’s distributed team placed the building blocks to automate testing and delivery while simultaneously working with the client’s leadership to achieve their projected milestones.

The Result

EdgeLink successfully helped our client in avoiding a downhill billing system spiral, one that may have ended in a significant loss of market share and profitability. By helping their project stay on track without delay, the ROI will be immediately evident through an unprecedented increase in billing efficiency. In the long-term, profitability will increase even further as customer satisfaction and market share grow as a result of the modern delivery, scalability, and simplicity the billing system now has.