Case Studies

Integrating and Updating Data for Over

The Client

The nation’s leading provider of originating and managing non-prime consumer credit programs to retailers and health organizations through private-label programs.

The Challenge

Our client acquired the majority of a major jeweler’s credit operations, thereby instantly increasing their customer base from 500,000 to 1,100,000. This sudden influx of 600,000 new customers meant a major database update was needed in order to properly integrate them into the system. The biggest challenge would be to perform this integration without interrupting service to current customers or creating a vulnerable security breach. Protecting the private information of each customer was a high priority.

The Solution

Dubbed the “Sundial” project, Edgelink built a team of seven Software Developers, three Manual QA Engineers, and one Network Engineer to scale current applications, effectively doubling the size of the client’s current development team. Using their expertise in .NET, MVC, HTML, and JavaScript, our engineers developed a migration function to bring the new accounts into our client’s current application and worked with infrastructure to ensure minimal security vulnerabilities. In addition to the migration portion, our developers installed upgrades and incorporated additional features to the financial institution’s current model in order to scale more efficiently moving forward.

The Result

The four-month project was successfully completed on time, with 600,000 new customers seamlessly integrated into our client’s system. There was no service interruption to any previously-existing customers, as data integrity was maintained throughout the integration. All applications continued running without incident, and our client now enjoys a more efficient, secure, and robust system.