Case Studies

Leading a Large Digital Transformation Initiative for One of Denver’s Largest School Districts

The Client

One of the largest school districts in the Denver area with 55 schools, 5,000 staff and more than 40,000 students.

The Challenge

Our client lost a senior certified Oracle developer shortly before a large digital transformation initiative was scheduled for implementation. The upcoming initiative included changing the client’s benefits company and required customization in their ERP software, Oracle EBS. The internal clientele required sensitive handling and perfect communication, making both skills and culture fit important factors in finding the right consultant. Without an expert to step in, the school district’s operations would have been suspended and no employees or vendors would have been paid until the necessary customizations were completed.

The Solution

EdgeLink sent in an expert consultant that seamlessly integrated into our client’s close-knit and highly demanding team. He performed custom reprogramming in the Oracle EBS finance, payroll and human resources modules. Our consultant also created a new Oracle view via Tableau and a new report to balance deductions for the payroll team. In a shorter timeframe than expected, he additionally reworked four finance reports and moved them into production.

The Result

The project was highly successful and kept the school district’s operations running as scheduled, increasing the client team’s efficiency in Oracle EBS by 90%. EdgeLink’s consultant provided the necessary deliverables and fulfilled all needs, ensuring that the needed transformation and all of the accompanying customization were completed so that the administration, staff and teachers could benefit from this increased capacity. Not only did the expert consultant that EdgeLink provided step in to solve the school district’s immediate problem, he accepted an offer after the contract term to become a full-time member of the client’s team.

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