Case Studies

Simplifying Database Management with Automation and Cloud Migration

The Client

A telecommunications and mass media company serving residential and business customers throughout the United States. Operating at the intersection of technology and entertainment, the client is focused on providing superior, reliable, and consistent services for their customers.

The Challenge

The client wanted to build out an operations team to support the work of their development team, which was focused on putting information into Terraform, a technology tool used for building, changing and improving infrastructure. Terraform creates the components that run services and applications and it supports multiple cloud platforms, making it a more efficient way to execute DevOps projects at scale. However, the project was using laptops with outdated or old Terraform, causing major issues when code was released.

The Solution

EdgeLink provided a consultant with more than 6 years of DevOps experience, including work focused on site reliability and experience working with teams throughout the DevOps lifecycle. The consultant built a compliance system to run daily and verify that the information in the GitLab Repository was the same as the information being used in the production environment. The consultant also provided operational support, helping to build out Terraform code to support the pipeline, reduce system errors, and codify as much as possible to ensure processes were repeatable and met best scaling practices.

The Result

EdgeLink significantly helped our client increase operational efficiency by removing old AWS systems and implementing a compliance program that prevented teams from using outdated Terraform. The result was a savings of time and resources that would otherwise have been wasted troubleshooting and resolving errors. These DevOps improvements ultimately allowed the client to collect better data and gather customer insights that could lead to new technologies and product offerings.


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