Case Studies

Developing and Optimizing an Android App for a BILLION-DOLLAR SECURITY COMPANY

The Client

A leading provider of commercial and residential security products and consulting services with over $2 billion in sales.

The Challenge

One of our client’s most popular offerings was an IoT home door lock that could be controlled from a cell phone, allowing users to unlock building doors remotely. This technology worked via a built-in Bluetooth adapter that connected to the user’s Wi-Fi network which then seamlessly connected to their mobile app. Because of the complexity of this interface, Apple’s iOS was the only operating system that our client could support, which meant missing out on the 107 million Android users in the U.S.

The Solution

In order to build an Android app, EdgeLink provided two experienced Android Developers who would also be able to update the existing API appropriately to support both Android and iOS. Within three months and several iterations, our consultants developed the application and API and began testing and monitoring. During this process, an issue was uncovered that popped up a sign-in splash page every time someone opened the app, frustrating users who didn’t want to sign in repeatedly. The team quickly acted upon this discovery by including Java code that removed the splash page once someone initially signed in, allowing users to open the app directly to the control page.

The Result

A clear success, overall downloads of our client’s IoT home door lock app increased significantly. In addition to creating many new customers, the Android version of the app received excellent reviews bolstered by the user experience improvement of removing the repeating sign-in splash page. The iOS app was unaffected by our team’s changes to the API and continued to operate correctly. In the end, all goals were achieved and our client was able to capture a huge segment of the market that was previously being missed.