Why Now is The Best Time to Make a Job Change

by Aaron Mills on April 26, 2013 in Candidate Job Search

Suggesting a job change in a market with a consistent national unemployment rate that hovers around 9% may sound counter-intuitive. Job stability is one of the most highly sought after qualities of prospectors, and once achieved, the idea of making a change rarely enters the picture. However, even within the great flux that is today’s job market, timing couldn’t be better for the skilled IT professional to consider a change-let’s take a look at why now is the ideal time:

  1. Career Development. Once typified as just a diverse and expansive listing of technical skills, career development today advances through industry verticals. Of course the technology curve still plays an important role, but aligning yourself with a powerful industry sub-sector, such as healthcare, manufacturing, or mobile communications, is a great way to cultivate your expertise. These sub-sectors have emerged from the ashes of today’s economy with exceptional opportunity, visibility, and longevity.
    • Why is now a great time for the change? Take a look at the unprecedented healthcare reforms brought about by the Obama administration and the subsequent effects on IT architecture across the nation. Also, what aspect of your daily life isn’t submerged in mobile technology? These days you can do just about anything on your phone through the use of mobile apps, and the demand for this skill isn’t going away any time soon. While the economy as a whole remains in a state of flux, aligning solid IT skills with a burgeoning market sub-sector makes timing prime for an exciting change.
  2. Better Life-Work Balance. The 9 to 5 brick and mortar workday philosophy is being challenged today more than ever. With the explosion of mobile technology employees are empowered to work when it wouldn’t have been technologically possible before. Because of this, many employees want to ditch the requirement of having to sit in a cube day in and out for a more flexible and family-friendly environment. As the Baby Boom generation of the workforce ages out, so too does the antiquated view of perceived productivity – if you’re sitting at your desk, you’re getting your work done.
    • Why is now a good time for a change? Because of the competitive nature of the IT industry, more and more companies are modifying their philosophies to enable employees to work from home, or wherever they can, as long as they get the job done. For those with families or activities outside of work, achieving a more balanced work-life ratio is now more attainable than ever.
  3. More Challenge. There are those who like to be just another cog in the wheel, churning under the radar day in and day out by doing only what’s necessary to get by without much fanfare.  Then again, some of us prefer to be challenged and continually pushed in our drive towards success. An age-old, and still appropriate and acceptable, reason for making a job change is for career advancement and betterment. Seeking out opportunity with greater potential for both vertical and horizontal growth is a highly motivating reason to pursue change.
    • Why does it make sense to do this now? Employees want to find and hang onto those exceptionally skilled IT professionals and are more than willing to put forth the effort into their career development. Training, mentoring, and (again) visibility within a strong industry present ample opportunity for lasting challenge and reward.
  4. Recognition and Appreciation. Perhaps it sounds too uncomplicated to be a motivating factor in making a job change, but regardless of age, race, or gender, people still strive to be recognized and appreciated for a job well done. Too many employers take their star players for granted, and risk losing them by assuming they don’t need to be told what a great job they are doing. Hopefully, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a compliment and realize how far it goes towards motivating further hard work and achievement. Those who feel underappreciated are less motivated, have poorer performance, and as a result, generally make less money than those who receive deserved recognition.
    • Why is now a good time to look for a change? Employers are more grateful than ever to have exceptional employees, and are rewarding them for it. Whether it be through bonuses, privileges, benefits or a simple “great job” email, employers are getting wise to the value of appreciating their employees.

Today’s job market is filled with conundrums that can stifle the ambitions of some, but can also ignite an exciting journey towards a more fulfilling career for countless others. For the IT professional that can seek out opportunity amongst the chaos, the prospects are endless – at EdgeLink, we not only understand these unique challenges, we embrace them.