The Benefits of Technology Permanent Placement Services

by Mark Schacter on May 14, 2013 in Candidate Job Search, IT Staffing

These days it’s easier than ever for a job seeker to seek out employment opportunities. There are the job boards, chuck full with every type of job posting you can think of. You can perform a Google search and get served up hundreds of potential hits for what you seek. Of course there is also LinkedIn and even Facebook available to today’s job hunter. In fact, looking for a new job can turn into a full time job before long. With so many options available, why would you look to an Technology staffing firm for permanent employment placement?

To begin with, the world of prospecting can be a daunting place, and if you’re not targeted and disciplined, you can spend the majority of your time pursuing positions that aren’t likely to yield tangible opportunity. For the candidate, here are a few reasons why permanent placement through an Technology staffing firm makes sense:

The likelihood of a good match is much higher. Good and reputable Technology staffing firms pride themselves on knowing their clients inside and out. Not only are they experts on the technology environment, but they know the kinds of intangible qualities, such as personality and management styles, are probable to produce lasting relationships. Reputable Technology permanent placement teams have intimate knowledge relating to the career aspirations of the candidate and how they match with clients’ needs. In taking the time to really understand and promote what the candidate is seeking in a position, they become a true agent of the candidate. Beyond making just a good initial match, a consultative approach to the entire interview process is a benefit.  Aligning with a good recruiter, rather than going it alone, provides the candidate with the added help of navigating through the interview process: assisting with interview preparation, debriefing, and offering client-specific insights that they otherwise would not have. A good recruiter will always put his/her candidate in a position to win.

Most hiring processes move too quickly. To the job hunter, this may sound a little ridiculous, as things never seem to move quickly enough when you’re looking for a job. However, it takes time to thoroughly qualify an opportunity. Most vetting processes, while trying to be thorough, usually move too fast for both the company and the candidate to get a true sense of what both have to offer.  The company is trying to get the best candidate possible, and will present the opportunity in the best light, as does the candidate.  Within the interview process, it is hard for both parties to get a true sense of one another and who each of them really is.  Partnering with a perm placement team allows clearer insight into the process, and answers to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ clients do things the way they do. If questions fall through the cracks, the perm placement team is there to catch and make sense of them for the candidate so the interview process moves smoothly.

Reducing the total number of interviews for the candidate. When searching for the perfect job, interviews are part of the equation. Many job seekers pursue interviews with prospective employers that aren’t the best fit or in the best interest of the candidate. Not knowing the corporate culture and environment from the start can result in multiple interviews with one client only to reveal an inadequacy of fit for the candidate. As a result, cumulative numbers of interviews are required to make a decision, taking up valuable time that could have been spent pursuing other opportunities. Working with an Technology permanent placement team will significantly cut the number of interviews down, only sending candidates to clients that have a high likelihood of success.

There’s no doubt about it – finding the right job in today’s economic climate is a challenge. Working directly with an Technology permanent placement team will lead the candidate down an expedited road to professional success.